Gluten Sushi Bar Entrees

All sushi bar entrees come with choice of miso soup, hibachi soup (without fried onions) or green salad (without ginger dressing, oil and vinegar available upon request). Gluten free soy sauce is available upon request

Sushi Dinner
9 pieces of assorted sushi, chef’s choice, and a 6 piece California Roll
Sashimi Dinner
15 pieces of assorted fish served with a bowl of sushi rice
11 pieces of assorted fish with Japanese pickled vegetables over a bed of sushi rice with sesame seeds
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
5 pieces of sushi and 9 pieces of sashimi, chef’s choice, and a tuna roll
Sushi for 2
16 pieces assorted sushi with a California roll and a dragon roll (without eel sauce on dragon roll)
Sashimi for 2
26 pieces of assorted fish and two bowls of sushi rice
Maki Combo
Tuna roll, Salmon roll, and California roll
Spicy Maki Combohot
Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, and spicy yellowtail roll (with no tempura flakes)
Love Boat
10 pieces of assorted sushi and 18 pieces of assorted sashimi, chef’s choice, with a shrimp California roll and a dragon roll (no shrimp tempura roll and no eel sauce on dragon roll)
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